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IP NETWORK Annual Global Meeting 2010 

Kim Do Hotel - Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam - 20/05/2010 - 23/05/2010.

The President of IP Logistics Network said Free Trade Agreement will become more mature between ASEAN country with other neighboring country such as China (ASEAN China Free Trade Agreement - ACFTA), India (ASEAN India Free Trade Agreement - AIFTA), Australia & New Zealand (ASEAN Australia New Zealand Free Trade Agreement - AANAFTA). Therefore, we do realize that IP NETWORK meeting will become a very important gathering in coming future to allow all our members and business partners to have better understanding thus to develop a Solid, Reliable and Informative network in achieving mutual benefit within a shorter time frame without any restriction.

Agents who had taken part in previous IP Netwrok Conferences have realized the importance of meeting professional partners during the conference.

IP,Update EDI-Cargo .(26 April,2010) 

New windows Cargo Declare Suite for the electronic preparation and transmission pf custom forms (K1, K2, K3, K8, K9) and Electronic Funds Transfer

  • Daily Update (Custom system codes and exchange rate update)
  • Daily Online Announcement from Latest Custom infos
  • Daily Detail response for Duty, Sales Tax, Excise and etc.