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 Online-Malaysia Import & Export Intergrated Custom tariff OUR VALUE ADDED SERVICES
Today's customs brokerage environment is one of increasing expectations. Customers are demanding brokers handle more "high-burden" responsibilities like compliance checking and electronic data submissions, while at the same time expecting greater visibility across the supply chain and lower transaction fees.

What are the hasles with manually mode which Importers often unaware of Customs amendment ?
  • Having problems finding correct tariff codes by mannually depending buying with correct tariff code.
  • Going through too much trouble providing tariff information to customers
  • There is an average of at least one customs amendment per month?
  • Customer shipments are delayed while determine or correct commodity codes.
  • Overpaying duty because of inaccurate classification of your imports.
  • You need to identify legal or financial liabilities of classification discrepancies. You bear the risk of legal liabilities associated with any misclassification of products that you bring into the country as the importer of record, even if your HS Classification is actually done by a third party.

What are the benefit by using IP's Intergrated Custom tariff guidelines to our value customer?
  • Reduces the cost of customs compliance.
  • Enables logistics personnel, expert raters and others to determine classifications accurately and efficiently.
  • Reduces customs processing and shipment delays
  • Minimizes the risks of non-compliance, under/overpayment of duties.
  • Enables landed cost calculation.
  • Reduce costs, improve productivity, and increase customers satisfactions.

We helps minimize duty overpayments and manage your price positioning with accurate landed cost calculations